The Benefits and Disadvantages of Morning Study

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Morning Study

If you’re a night owl, or prefer the early morning, a good time to study is before the sun rises. While it is true that many students do better in the morning, those who wake up at three in the afternoon usually end up asleep by midnight. The evening is another excellent time to study if you’re short on concentration or like to take a nap afterward. It is also a good time to tackle a few extra chapters in a single sitting.

Evening study

While the benefits of morning study are well documented, there are also a number of reasons why students should try studying in the evening. Studies conducted by the University of Sussex found that humans perform two types of memory tasks better during the morning than in the afternoon. These tasks are known as declarative and semantic memory tasks. As such, the morning hours are best for students who prefer to read and study new material and to integrate it into their existing knowledge.

Early morning study

Whether you are a college student, an entrepreneur, or a professional, the benefits of early morning study are numerous. The first thing you’ll notice is that your mind is free of unnecessary conflicts, making it easier to focus on your task at hand. You’ll also have better eyesight and focus, two of the most important aspects for study success. However, there are some disadvantages to early morning study. You must decide what works for you and stick to it!

Staying up late

For students who need to spend more time studying in the morning, staying up late may not be the best choice. Break up your study time into smaller segments and take into consideration what you have to do for each class. Emily Jardine, a senior in marketing, says that she studies differently depending on the time of the day. For early morning exams, she typically wakes up at 7 a.m. to start her work day at Hale before heading to a coffee shop to do her studying. On the other hand, when she has a test a few days from today, she stays up later to study.

3 AM study

You might be thinking that studying at three AM is just for lazy people, but that’s not true. In fact, studying at that time can be highly beneficial for those who are naturally night owls. After all, night owls have greater brain power, are more alert, and have less distractions at night. Of course, early birds can also benefit from studying at that time. Just make sure to find the best time to study to make the most of it.

Having a study buddy

If you’ve been struggling with your academics, you may want to consider having a study partner. This type of partner can be invaluable in keeping you on track. The two of you can discuss specific questions or set a goal for how many words you need to study for a test. While having a study partner is helpful, it’s important to consider the personality of your study buddy. You don’t want to study in complete silence, and your study buddy shouldn’t be as social as you are.