Shilla operates an online tour of Gyeongju

Shilla Gyeongju Travel is a program that allows test-takers to plan their first trip to Gyeongju under the assumption that they “go to Gyeongju as adults,” and for students who do not know Gyeongju’s travel destination and information, you can look at museum exhibits related to Gyeongju’s attractions through online virtual space.

Participants will take a look at the metaverse space similar to the game screen, be interested in museums and cultural properties, and select Gyeongju travel destinations related to cultural properties. It provides an opportunity to learn deeply about Silla’s history and cultural properties by independently collecting and expressing information on Gyeongju attractions and historical sites on the map of the activity site.

Solo travel, which had been on the decline between 2015 and 2018, is on the rise as it passes through COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021. Gyeongju’s tourism market is dominated by families and groups of two or more people, and services and infrastructure, including accommodation, transportation, and experience programs, are built mainly by groups, making it somewhat difficult to expand the travel market alone.

According to a national travel survey conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, about 40% of the total number of mixed marriages between 2018 and 2020 is single-person households, and the total proportion of mixed marriages is steadily increasing.

The reason for choosing to go alone was travel time, visit without past experience or prior information, and public transportation was the highest as a major transportation, followed by natural scenery appreciation and rest, recreation, food tourism, and family visits.

According to tourism big data (Statistics Office, Korea Institute of Culture and Tourism, related papers, card consumption data, social and media data analysis), the proportion of travel alone before the outbreak of COVID-19 accounted for about 3.4%, but began to increase to 3.6% after vaccination. Immediately after the pandemic, the proportion of mixed marriages decreased to about 3.7%, but it began to rebound after March 2020 when the first pandemic occurred. 경주 가볼만한곳

As vaccinations for the general public spread, the proportion of mixed marriages has been increasing since COVID-19. Since then, it has been found that the amount of keywords related to activities in the single-person market (eating alone, drinking alone, going alone, and staying alone) has continuously increased. After the vaccination, the amount of keyword mention increased by about 8% compared to before the vaccination, and the combination includes various forms of solo activities such as medley, solo, solo, solo cam, and solo vacation.