Day by Day

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Simone de Beauvoir’s America Day by Day

Simone de Beauvoir’s America Day-by-Day is an incredible, beautiful book. It follows de Beauvoir’s trip across the United States in 1947. While there, she meets people and experiences that are unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. It’s an illuminating look at the country’s diverse culture.

Simone de Beauvoir was an existentialist, feminist, and writer. She published her famous love letters to Nelson Algren, as well as a memoir of her 1947 U.S. tour. The book is a mixture of personal accounts and political analysis. While she is often critical of the superficiality of American culture, she is also full of admiration for the American people. She was shocked by the resilience and capacity for renewal in the United States, and she wanted to share her findings with Jean Paul Sartre.

In 1947, Simone de Beauvoir arrived in New York’s La Guardia Airport and began a four-month journey across America. She traveled by train, car, and Greyhound buses, stopping in 19 states and 56 cities. Along the way, she kept a personal diary, capturing every moment of her journey.

Stacey Shubitz

Stacey Shubitz is an independent literacy consultant and former classroom teacher. Her books include Jump Into Writing: A Workshop Approach and Day by Day. She also blogs at Two Writing Teachers. She can be reached via Twitter as @raisealiteratehuman. She lives in Central Pennsylvania.

Day by Day was crafted with the intention of reshaping the writing workshop through 180 days of reflective practice. It features detailed discussion, challenges, and questions to assess the process. The book also offers a wealth of inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned writer, or a complete beginner, Day by Day will help you improve your writing skills.

Ruth Ayres

Ruth Ayres is a writer, editor and educator. She has authored two books: Celebrating Writers and Day by Day. She also works as an instructional writing coach for the Wawasee School District. She writes at her website, Ruth Ayres Writes, and on Twitter as @ruthayres.

Ruth Rees Ayres was born on Dec. 13, 1915. She died in Louisiana on Sep. 10, 1993, and is buried in the Garden of Memories. Her parents, Ruth Lake and Ruth M. Ayres, were both born in New Jersey. They were married on Jan. 28, 1866, in Cincinnati, OH. Ruth M. Ayres died on Sep. 22, 1994, and is buried in Newton Cemetery.